A bit about me

Male | Gemini | born in 1980-1989 | from: Canada
I am currently in Hz no 288,Gansu
No. 26, North Gate, Rainbow City, Lanzhou New Area, Zhongchuan,Gansu Province
Mr.Constant Edem


Dear Sir/ Madam,

I am writing to apply for the position of Kindergarten or primary teacher in your school as
advertised on this website. I am currently teaching at training center in Lanzhou. But extremely interested in obtaining a kindergarten or primary position.

My TESOL training course and teachers innovating dynamic engagement workshop and four years of experience working as a kindergarten and primary school has prepared me to be an effective teacher.

In my previous job as a homeroom teacher at Shaoxing International school, I fulfilled the following duties:
* Prepare my students to behave in a good manner in or after school.

* Write report cards at the end of every term and communicate with parents about their ward's performance.

* Assigned homework once a week and check them the following week.

* Taught phonics, extensive reading, writing, and speaking.

If you require any additional materials or information, I am happy to supply it. Thank you very
much for your consideration.

Constant Edem.

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